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Reloading -- It's About My Freedom

My grandfather bought me a bb gun when I was seven years old. It came, of course, with strick instructions on safety and care. A few years later, my first 22 rifle followed. As before, it also came with with increased training and responsibility.

I learned a lot about the sport from others. They taught me how to build rifles; how to shoot in target competitions; how to hunt safely--everything from groundhogs to white tail deer. Most of the ammo I shot for the first half of my life was made in a munitions factory or war surplus. Guns were relatively inexpensive and so were the bullets.

 Since then, I've grown up, had my own children, and have passed on the legacy of owning and using firearms responsibly as well.

Somewhere Along the Way This Country Changed

Firearms are still relatively inexpensive today, but the U.S. government, at all levels (federal, state and even community), seems to do everyting that can be done to limit information about the shooting sports. This is direct discouragement of firearms and--frankly--really ticks me off.

The small town; library that I grew up near had over a dozen shelves dediated to shooting sports and marksmanship. But the heroic war tales I grew up with are now only glimmers of the past, relegated to history shelf space at that same library.

I Still Keep On Shooting.... Now I Reload My Own

I still keep on shooting. A few years back I got fed up with the high cost of factory ammo. Now, I make my own.

I know that the largest part of the price of factory ammo is the money paid to lawyers who defend against product liability claims. That, my friend, is really a shame.

Reloading ammo is a simple and rewarding process...

Reloading ammo is a simple process that has been repeated countless billions of times in this country. It is absurd that it has taken me so long, with  so much effort, to gather together enough information to learn how it is performed safely. Resources should be better.

I'm no fool. I wasn't about to reload ammo unless I learned enough about it to understannd every aspect of the process.

My wife once told me that she was very concerned that I was assembling explosives in our apartment;. From inside this hobby, I know that the components are extremely safe individually and assembled into finished cartridges.

Ha Ha! Notice that I have stopped calling them "bullets" and now call them "cartidges". Its amazing what education can do for a guy!

So its back to my point about the DISAPPEARING INFORMATION. Even with the Worldwide Web it is a real chore to get comfortable with the entire reloading process. You need a lot of information to get there.  I Can Help....

It's All a Matter of Knowing Where to Look....

Books about hunting, reloading and firearms safety are still out there. The number of stores that offer these are limited, but they are still available. I can show you where I found them!

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 Technical References are still available....

The reloading reference guides have not gone away. In fact the firearms industry has spent a huge amount of time and effort refining their content and placing them on the internet. These guides are now the best that have ever been offered. I can help you locate them......

Reloading Manuals are also available....

Reloading Manulas that spell out the technical recipe for thousands of cartridge loads are also available. The place to find them is on the internet as opposed to your bookstores and libraries.. These references provide specific advice on the suitability of individual loads in all manners of current and legacy firearms.

I Cut My Ammo Cost by 50%

This information can not only save you up to half the cost on ammo, but it will allow you to assemble cartridges that are much more accurate than those you can buy. This is because each gun shoots differently. 

Factory assembled ammo is for the average gun of a certain caliber.

 Your reloading can actually tune the load to YOUR SPECIFIC GUN.  In my experience, I was able to take a factory 30-06 rifle and improve its accuracy from 1.5" at 100 yards.....down to .75" groups. All it took was a little experimentation.

By the way....It's really cool to out-shoot friends at the range because your ammo is better than their shooting skills!!!

The techncial details of the basic process of reloading are spelled out in great detail by these experts.  Access to these references is a MUST HAVE!

Finally...Join a RELOADING FORUM to keep learning...

The shooting sports keep progressing and I've found expert resources in the Web Reloading and Bullet Casting FORUMS. I can suggest several of these forums that have really taught me a lot. Please let me suggest my favorites....

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