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High Volume Reloading

Enter The Progressive Press

The equipment includes a press with a difference. The Single Station Reloading Press only allows one die to be mounted at one time. Well, the Progressive Press allows you to install several dies on the platform and each pull of the handle moves the brass from station to station to accomplish sizing, spent primer removal, priming, powder charging, powder checking, bullet seating and finally round crimping. The advantage is high volume as each pull of the handle generates a new reloaded round.

It looks expensive and it is an initial investment. But if you want to shoot a  lot of quality ammo, this is the ticket. I paid for mine in less than a year. It should be noted that Lee Precision and Dillon both have excellent equipment too!

How Many Reloads Per Night?

200-500 and even more. Dillon equipment boasts thousands of rounds in a single reloading session. Dillon is an excellent press, if you have the dollars to invest!


Hornady Turret Press