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Precision Reloading

Re-Enter the Single Station Reloading Press With A Difference

At the high end you have many options that essentially spell out better reloading equipment at closer tolerances. The precision reloader starts with a custom chambered rifle that has tight tolerances of all machines parts.

The reloading process is essentially the same, but your brass, powder measurement, brass sizing and turning…..bullet seating special equipment and a host of other things are all tightly managed. I mean the objective is to get the cartridge case to be sized exactly and generate a controlled explosion that speeds each bullet to the target at only a couple feet per second spread from the last cartridge.

Sinclair is a good provider of a lot of this custom equipment.

Basic Equipment

Nothing is basic here and you have to check your pockets often to check for an ever widening hole. The rifles can cost 7500.00 each. The custom dies cost hundreds each and the prices all go up from there. I for one….will have to wait until I collect on my wife’s life insurance (ha…ha) before I will make it to the precision league.

How many Reloads Per Night?

I have a friend that says he spends upwards of 20 hours per 6mm brass case in prep for reloading. I think that means that you might get a round or two per night if lucky. But hey….you can’t buy this type of round or get this type of one hole groups without this care and pain.


Sinclair Precision Reloading Press