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Reloading ....It's EASY, FUN, SAFE and SAVES BIG $$$$

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Why Reload?

HUGE Cost Savings

I keep talking about how reloading SAVES ME MONEY, so it makes sense to present the hard, financial facts. Look at the following information and make up your own mind.

I got these numbers using the Internet. I looked up mail order prices for factory ammo and compared them to mail order prices for the components themselves.

Now I know you are going to say that this is all well and good...but that you also have to buy a loading press, a scale, reloading dies and such to reload. You'd argue that that costs money too. Well, technically you are right, but I have found that the equipment I bought 15 years ago never wore out and the $250.00 I sank into the hobby HAS PAID FOR ITSELF MANY TIMES OVER.

Pistol Caliber Savings 50 factory 50 reloads Savings %
45auto 200gn semi wadcutter $  30.59 $  10.97 64%
357 Mag
$  27.99 $    9.85 65%


Rifle Caliber Savings 20 factory 20 reloads Savings %
30-06 Springfiled 15gn FMJ $27.00 $    9.53 64%
22-250 Remington $  23.99 $    7.71 68%


Increased Accuracy

My reloaded cartridges are much more accurate than most factory loads. When you reload, you are working with a formula that has a range of values. For example you might be able to safely load a pistol cartridge with between 2.9 and 3.4 grains (more on this unit of measure later) of a specific powder.

When you buy a factory load in that same caliber there is no choice. What you get from the factory is a cartridge that works safely in the widest range of that gun. That is why sometimes certain factory brands shoot very well in one gun and very poorly in another.

When I load a new cartridge I work through a range of powder weights for a specific brass/primer/bullet combination and pick the one that shoots the tightest group.

Not to brag, but I remember fondly a rifle match shot at Quantico Virginia. All participants were required to use the same military rifle. The difference was that a number of the shooters were shooting handloads. We did much better than the guys that were out there cracking open their boxes of factory loaded ammo.  At ranges out beyond 600 yards it really makes a dramatic difference. 


Buy ‘em or Stuff ‘em

I used to buy all my cartridges at the local sporting goods store. When that got too expensive I went to gun shows and looked for my favorite ammo there.

Reloading changed everything. It was all done by mail order. Rifle bullet savings in bulk are about 30%. Hard cast bullets for my pistols and revolvers were a 50% saving.

Now I spend an enjoyable evening every few weeks shooting ALL I WANT, RATHER THAN ALL I CAN AFFORD.

Reloading vs. Cheap Ammo

Ever go to a gun show and see surplus ammo for sale? The Stuff is REALLY CHEAP. Well the reason it’s cheap is because it is either old, primed with European Primers (BERDAN) or contains Corrosive ingredients. I don’t know about you, but for my money I want ammo and components that I can trust.